2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 First Ride

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 is the ultimate touring adventure motorcycle. That this is the brand’s first real entry into this segment is impressive – no, neither Harley-Davidson (HD) nor any other direct competitor in the segment, Buell Ulysses – but not Pan America. “Not only is it great for the opening stroke, it’s really good, and the happy story started with a brand new air-cooled engine.2021 Harley Davidson Pan America a

2021 Harley-Davidson Engine

The engine of 2021 Harley-Davidson is the Harley’s new 60-degree V-Twin replaces the 1,252 cc engine with variable timing overhead camshafts, twin spark plugs and a compression ratio of 13.0: 1. The hydraulic valve adjuster eliminates the need for adjustment. The main German competitors can refer to this. The Revolution engine produces 150 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 94 lb-ft of torque at 6,750 (the use of premium gasoline reduces production with regular unleaded gasoline). This is in fact the opposite of most other HD Twins, where power starts very low but quickly increases at higher revs and stops when the 6-speed gearbox shifts to 9,000 rpm. . Harley brand motorcycles aren’t great, but the revolutionary motorcycle looks great too.

Harley has charging, rain, off-road, and off-road plus modes that you can select using the buttons on the handlebars. The 6.8-inch color display shows all the current settings and all the information you would expect from an instrument panel. Each of these modes adjusts everything from engine power to suspension settings to ABS brakes. The electronic suspension of special Pan-Am models such as test bikes also offers several modes. Sport, road and comfort speak for themselves and the difference between off-road software and off-road farm is easy to see from the saddle.

With an additional $ 1,000 on top of the cost of the Harley Pan America Special, the Adaptive Ride Height can drop seat height to less than 30 inches at low speeds and begin adjusting at up to 40 km / h. An optional slim seat reduces this number to around 28 inches for small passengers. The unladen Pan America saddle rests 33.4 “below the floor in the low positions and 34.4” in the high positions. These numerous changes make the Pan America one of the most versatile bikes in the Adventure class, making it suitable for small riders who have difficulty balancing heavy bikes at walking pace. You can also deactivate the adaptive ride height for maximum ground clearance.

The 2021 Harley-Davidson uses the semi-active suspension is automatically adjusted to keep the suspension at 30% regardless of the weight of the bike. With 7.5 inches of travel and a minimum ground clearance of 8.3 inches, the large Pan-America Special Skateboard is robust enough not to damage important things. Pan America weighs 1,250 lbs and 534 lbs, but with additional equipment such as engine guards, center bearings, hand guards, heated grips, tire pressure gauges and Orleans handlebar shock absorbers, the special weight can be up to 559 lbs. .. It’s heavy but balanced and not too heavy so I struggled to lift it in the middle.2021 Harley Davidson PNAM a

The manually adjustable pistol grip windshield is designed to direct the wind where the pilot wants it, but also in the most upright position (the penultimate position is pretty weird. A foam that completely covers the pilot’s helmet. Large size that doesn’t slide Most of the other controls are very easy to operate from the saddle, the problem is that there have been so many buttons and switches on the handlebars for a long time.

Unlike most HDV twins, the Revolution motor, which shares the gearbox and housing, is a compact part of the frame. There are front tires, intermediate tires, and secondary tires that support the passenger seat and the rear passenger seats. The result is a rigid chassis that allows the front and rear suspension to operate efficiently. The handling is excellent, the transition from left to right is easy and there is enough incline available. You can get a boost by turning the throttle stick. The traction control adjusts the sensitivity based on the lean angle and gives the bike the confidence to push the limits.

Most of the time we spent driving in road mode. It didn’t rain in Harley Pan America for a week, but the rain mode significantly reduced throttle and sensitivity. Of course, there are two off-road modes that are useful for off-road driving. The standard unloading mode simplifies loading and improves the ABS linked to traction control. Off-Road Plus reduces traction control disruptions and allows experienced drivers to lock the brakes. The traction control can be bypassed completely, allowing antiques on the floor.

I rode my bike on standard Michelin Coacher Adventure tires so I didn’t ride far through rocks and mud. Heavy gravel and loose sand make the bike wander a bit, but good weight distribution (although I have a backpack with 20 lbs of gear in my suitcase), solid ergonomics and logical geometry. It means you never feel so hairy that I have to slow down. A side effect of relatively slow speeds is that the airflow is insufficient to force the hot air out of the engine and the Pan-Am power plant gives off a lot of heat.

The first thing you notice when driving the 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America on the ground and on the highway is its sheer power. Accelerating to illegal speeds is a quick pull and a few gear changes with your left foot, and a powerful upper thrust makes it easy to get through 18 wheels.2021 Harley Davidson PNAM Pan America a

One of the advantages of this category of bikes is that you can toggle the road adventures on and off at will. Pan America is doing this corner very well, despite a clear preference for asphalt. All of the electronics mentioned above do a great job transforming the Harley Pan American dynamics from sport touring vehicles to off-road vehicles, especially the adjustable chassis and engine mapping.

2021 Harley Davidson Price

Now I clearly think Harley-Davidson had a great motorcycle adventure. After all, I said it right away. And the base model is $ 17,319, the specialty model I tested is $ 1999, and the price is competitive. It’s important to know that there are some really good adventure bikes out there that can rival the HD, and the segmented BMW R 1250GS is no exception. Is 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America Better Than Its Competitors? It is not. But it was a big win for an American brand that blends in perfectly and just needs to bring a new pilot into the showroom.